Advice On How I Can Get My Ex Boyfriend Back – Loves – Likes And Wants you Back. Dating advice on how to get the attention of an ex Boyfriend How Can I Make My Ex Boyfriend Fall Back in Love With Me. Tips to make your ex Boyfriend love you again and Expert advice to get your ex Boyfriend back in your life.

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Telling Your Ex Boyfriend That You Still Miss him
dearly; how do I make my ex-boyfriend miss me like crazy and remind himself
about the good time, we had together?

Everyone said that you and your ex boyfriend seemed
so perfect together. You were in love with him and he said that he was in love
with you. The two of you had talked about the type of home you wanted and the
size of your family. Then you started noticing little things. He wasn’t
listening as intently to what you were saying and then he said that he thought
you should take a break and not see each other for a while. Apparently looking
good works, because he makes some compliments but the issue is he doesn’t even
make any deep thinking about the goodtime, we had like how I do. How I can
remind him what he is missing. You
can use Psychological Tricks and Expert Tipstoget yourex boyfriendback – links to my blog on what to do to get effective expert
relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex is at the last paragraph of
this article.

“Hey ex-boyfriend…..I Miss And Love you”

He said he just wants to be friends right? ….. I
don’t know what to say…. so i will say this… If he would love you as much
as you love him then all this wouldn’t have happened….. Why do you need to
waist your love on someone who doesn’t love you back as equally? (Answer this
one for your self…)… Go and find another guy who will love you as equally
(or even a guy who would love you more)…… as you deserve :)

I have this question can you help me out? If you
don’t want to that’s o.k. no hard feelings

If you think this is something new, think again.
When a relationship begins everything is exciting. You are getting to know each
other and discovering something new every day. But, nothing remains new and exciting
forever and it’s easy for a man to become bored with the same old routine. He
craves a challenge and excitement, but he doesn’t want to lose you. This is why
your boyfriend suggests a break.

Telling Your Ex Boyfriend That You Still love him
dearly – Hey, I’m not going to be one of these people that say don’t go
crawling back blah… Blah…

If you love him, tell him, some people make the
mistake of not doing and regretting, losing out on the love of their lives, I
told my man I loved him + missed him and that I wanted us to be together again,
3 years on here we are.

How do I tell my Ex Boyfriend That I Still Miss him
- don’t let pride get in the way, that ruins everything. Just tell him, what
have you got to lose, if he’s moved on, he’s moved on… but what would be
worse, knowing or forever not knowing what could have been?

How do I Tell my Ex Boyfriend That I Still Miss him;
But what your boyfriend means is for the break to only apply to him. He wants
the freedom to go out, have fun and maybe date a few women while you sit at
home and wait. This makes a great setup for him but a miserable one for you. He
might send a text or call you now and then to make sure you are still waiting
in case he needs someone to fall back on. But, if you allow this to happen, you
can forget about your plans for a future with him.

Telling Your Ex Boyfriend That You Still love – him
dearly When a man suddenly becomes distant it is because his emotional hot
buttons are no longer being pushed. If you want to make your ex boyfriend wild
with desire for you again, you have to get inside his head and direct his
thinking. To do that, you need to use some male psychology. You probably didn’t
realize it but you used male psychology to make him wild with desire for you
when the two of you first met.

Stop and take time to remember just how you made
your ex wild with desire for you. It wasn’t by chasing him as you are probably
now doing. You did just the opposite and made yourself look unavailable. The
more he pursued you the more you ignored him until you became afraid of making
him discouraged and you gave in. Your ex boyfriend was proud to show off the
prize he had won and that made him happy for a while.

He realized that he was in love with you and that’s
why he didn’t make the break final. However one of two things could have
happened. He became bored as we suggested above or he felt he was falling into
a trap and needed time to think of what he was getting into. The responsibility
of a home and family can weigh heavily on some men and they look for some place
to hide.

But no matter what his
reason for wanting a break, if you go on with your life as if you never knew
him, you will push his hot buttons again. Thinking that you are ready to move
on and find someone else will peak his desire for you and your ex boyfriend
will soon be chasing you again. You can visit my blogs for more effective expert relationship
strategies to reconcile with your ex when you visit these links below at the
Authors Bio section.

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159 Responses to “How To Tell Your Ex Boyfriend That You Still Miss And Love him”

  • Michael:

    I was with my ex boyfriend for two years, we broke up 4 months ago because I found out he had cheated, it broke my heart. We met 2 months ago to swap things and all these old feelings came flooding back, it was overwhelming. It was the same for him too. After we met, we started texting, admitted we missed each other and started dating again. It was only a few dates, we slept together and told each other we loved each other, I think I fell in love all over again. But then I went to uni and everything changed. Me moving away had always been a big issue in our relationship because he always thought we’d never see each other and that it just wouldn’t work. Within a week he told me he couldn’t handle me being away from home, he told me he didn’t want to start dropping things for me. I think this hurt so much more than the first time we split because I let him back into my life and never expected him to hurt me all over again. I also found out more occassions he had cheated on me. Since then, i cut all contact with him, blocked him on facebook, deleted his number etc and he’s now in a relationship with a 16 year old. (he’s 21). He seems so loved up with her, and i’m just throwing myself into my studies, can’t seem to feel anything for any guys that come along because I know I’m still not over what he did to me and us as a couple as it obviously meant so much more to me.
    Anyway he’s just sent me this text: ‘Hey, I know this is probably going to fall on deaf ears and in no way is it an attempt to make you like me again, just felt awful recently about what I did to you and just wanted to apologise because you didnt deserve any of it, I’m truly sorry’
    I just dont know how to interpret it? Is it him just trying to clear a guilty conscience with a simple apology or is it something deeper? If he’s so happy with his new girlfriend why is he so bothered about what he did to me and getting in contact with me? I dont even know whether I should reply?

  • Nick:

    i had a dream that my ex boyfriend gave me a letter saying he loved me before, loves me still, and loves me forever. & i in life i really broke up with him about 2 times, and i miss him. what does this mean?

  • Austin:

    My ex boyfriend texts me out if the blue on 12/22/12 saying that he misses me and still loves me. We talked around Christmas. I haven’t heard from him since 12/29. I’m worried about him and I want to see if he’s ok. Is it weird to be friends with his friend on Facebook? My ex boyfriend and I broke up in October because he had to go to jail for something he did. He doesn’t have a girlfriend I don’t think because if he did why would he tell me that he still loves me?

  • Marlon P:

    I love my best guy friend but I don’t know if he does too. He also happens to be my ex boyfriend but we get along great. Every time I see him with a girl it breacks my heart but Im happy for him. Still, every time a girl breaks with him Im mad because he’s sad. I always try to convince myself I dont love him but I do. I want to tell him but I am too afraid we wont even be friends anymore. What should I do?

  • slipknot0129:

    How should i approuch my ex boyfriend?

    My ex and i havnt talked in about 6 months.I miss him alot and i know he misses me because he keeps staring at me.He thinks i hate him but i dont.What should i do,should i wait until he does something?
    I really love him and miss him,it jus hurts seeing him everyday at school.

  • blarg blarg:

    My ex boyfriend dumped me 3 days before my birthday. We’d been dating for a month. I then found out 4 days after the fact (and a day after my birthday) that he had asked out some other girl. The problem is that I still really like him, and still want to go out with him (he still tells me he loves me if he talks to me…) but I don’t want to get hurt again, and I know that I shouldn’t still want him after what he did.

  • callofduty5123412:

    My cousin is crazy in love with her ex boyfriend who broke up with her– so she wants to know how to get him to want her back.

  • Taylor G:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, and his birthday is coming up. I want to write and give him a letter, but I don’t know what to put in it or how to start it. It’s harder than it seems. What could I put in it?

  • evangldbrg:

    My ex boyfriend and I broke up in October 2012 (long story why we broke up). On December 22, 2012 he sends me a text out of the blue saying that he misses me and that he still loves me. Problem is I met a new guy, but I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend. When I think of my ex boyfriend I lit up like a christmas tree (I mean I glow because I love him so much). I’m in Ohio and he’s in Minnesota.
    We broke up in October because he got in trouble with the law and had to go to jail. I don’t know where I stand in the relationship with my ex.

  • Hotshot t:

    We went out for one week, and he dumped me for another girl. I want to try it again. It was only a week. I can tell that he just wants to be friends, but I don’t want that at all.

  • PillowMan1234:

    When my girlfriend sleeps I read through her texts. I love her so much more than I’ve ever loved before. I know she feels the same. She told her ex she misses him among other things. But she flipped out a couple months ago when I told an old friend I wanted to see her. I am now having a hard time trusting her.

  • andresumoza:

    My ex-boyfriend (we lived together) and I finally broke up about a month ago. We were not getting along for months before that so he occasionally stayed at his parents house. It just did not end very well. He is just so selfish and never appreciated everything I did for him so this last time he chose drinking and friends over me, I said no more. I did not call him ever again. He would call every other day or so just to see how I was doing! Never to apologize or say he missed me, etc. It just made it easier for me to move on though. He is used to me always calling him and saying lets work it out or say I missed him, but this time I am not. For the past 3 weeks when he calls all he is now telling me is how he heard I am going out with so and so (which I wasn’t at that time) and now asks me if I am already with someone new, etc. I am beginning to hate him because I have spent the last month hoping he would just say he is sorry and he misses me and he will change, but no. Nothing in that tone whatsoever. I don’t know what to do now. I have just started seeing a new guy last week and so far he is so nice and loving, but I still do not think my ex needs to know about him. I just don’t want my ex to cause any problems with my new guy or me either but I hate lying too. My ex has to call me at least once more because he is going to pick up his last bags of things at my house so I already know he is going to ask me again. Do I just keep telling him it is none of his business? And after he picks up his things, just not answer his calls anymore?

  • Agent 47:

    Well we dated for almost nine monthes and I hvae known him for like 6years… We had an awesome nine months together and I honestly still have big time feelings for him… How do I tell him I still love him. He was my first EVERYTHING!!! I love him. And everyone thinks we need to get back together but I dnt know how to say it. If anyone can help I would love to hear what you gotta say!!!!!!

  • Gage:

    I really miss my ex boyfriend. he left for college five hours away & the last two months of Summer I let my pride get in the way of admitting I really missed him. he told me he missed me a few weeks ago, but I can’t do the long distance thing.
    that being said, what’re some good songs that’ll go with my situation?

  • Brian:

    I’ve had my belly and hood pierced before, but I had to take them out due to ex-boyfriend. Well, since he no longer controls me (YAY!!!!) I’m getting them redone.. I miss them. However, the pain sucks. Any suggestions on what I could take so that I won’t feel it too badly? I’ll have my very trustworthy friends with me, so they’ll be driving and watching me.

  • veemodz:

    My boyfriend and I have to been together for a year and i have no idea of wat to get him… Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Wooooody:

    My ex boyfriend and I dated for ~2 years. After we broke up he would date girls for a month at a time. Its been 3 years since we’ve seen each other. In 2011 I found out he was engaged in an arranged marriage with a girl from Iran. He lives in Illinois though, so they never see each other. I am white, and he is arabian.

    He calls me every couple of months. I never answer. But the other night he texted me a lot of different things, the main point being how much he still loved/missed me. I told him I had been accepted to medical school, and that I had a boyfriend, so I wanted to respect my new relationship by not speaking to him again. He didn’t take it well that I had a new boyfriend. He said he is NOT engaged anymore, but I just found out last night that they were, or are planning to get married this year.

  • soccermaster1:

    Ok so I am still in love with my ex boyfriend and he told me that he loves me but he doesn’t want a commitment I always heard never let the one you love slip away how do I get him back? And don’t say just move on cause I know we were meant to be. And do you believe that it’s true to never let the one you love to slip away.

  • wwwavid360gamercom:

    K, so I dumped my boyfriend out of terrible mistake, and he’s had 2 girlfriends since we broke up. He’s still with his second one now. How do I get him back? Our families are really close, so I HAVE to see him, cuz his stepmom like lives here!!! Sick of things being so awkward. Can’t be friends. Please give me a good suggestion!

  • Samuro:

    Does absence really make the heart grow fonder with an ex boyfriend? I’ve had no contact with him for only 2 days now and I’m just hoping that no contact will make him miss me enough to want to try and get me to be his girlfriend again. He told me last week that he loves e but didn’t want a relationship at the moment and that if he did want one then it would be with me. So will absence make the heart grow fonder? Please help, 10 points.

  • mrankinmatt:

    My ex boyfriend and me had been together for a year and I was his first love. He is 19 and I am turning 22. He dumped me 2 weeks and 5 days ago and he stated so many reasons:

    -When I am with you, I cannot do anything I want. You have this something that makes me not do them even though you are not stopping me. Its hard to concentrate on two things, having a girlfriend is so hard. I don’t want to be loved and cared. I still have feelings left but its not enough to make me stay and I feel not moving anymore. I am not happy anymore. As of now I can’t give you love and care, my feelings got weaker, I don’t feel like moving. The love and care is not coming out naturally. Actually I also don’t understand what is happening to me.

    He proposed the break up but I accepted it only after a couple of days because I wasn’t ready and didn’t see it coming. I asked for a month but he said “Even if my love comes back for a month, I think my feelings are going to be this way even a month pass, so you better let me go. If i have to leave, I would really leave. I have this feeling like I want to press the reset button. You said you love me, then let me go” and on that day, I decided to just let him go because of the painful words I am getting from him and that I figured if I really love him I have to let him go. It was a good break up and we made promises like we both are going to do well in life after the break up however, I rejected his offer to be friends because I couldn’t. When we were parting ways all I could say was that “I love you all, I really love you all” because I was more inlove with his family than him and couldn’t let go at first. All he could say was he is sorry.

    I cut my communication with him for 2 weeks and applied the no contact rule, but it was for me to grieve and because his facebook was torturing me. He kept posting sad things in Facebook like “Tired of relationships” “No one to rely on” “Full of fake people around me, where are my real people?” and a picture quote saying: “If someone will ask if I miss you, I would say I miss you but if someone ask me if I still love you, not anymore. Only good memories are left. But i miss the time we are together” – Some examples of his post so I just applied the no contact rule for the good of me. Within those 2 weeks, I kept hearing bad things about him from my friends, saying he had been going to clubs and suggesting to bring girls.Is he rebelling or something? They say he is really acting like a player these days. When he saw my friend, he asked how I was and my friend said I was doing well and he uttered “Oh that’s good. We broke up because I am bad, its better” – That friend of mine was someone I am always with and he knows that. However, I don’t see the reason why he has to say it because I am sure he already knows that my friend know. My friend told me he seems happy on the outside but crying on the inside. She said he is laughing but the sadness would still be displayed. No matter how many news get to me, I still applied the no contact rule. I don’t miss him and do not want to see him. But I still care for him but could not do anything but move forward.

    After 2 weeks and 4 days, I reactivated some of my apps that are friends with him and saw him posting “I made this happen, so I’ll get over this myself” and I posted also saying “Turning Point” – During the relationship, I had been sweet all the time and caring. But I guess even if I am pretty like a doll, and kind like an angel, he would still leave me. I am doing well these days and moving forward but still bothered about his post “I made this happen…etc”

    Can someone explain me what is happening to him? Based on my experience, if the love had really faded, you wouldn’t even care nor be depressed over the break up. But I don’t understand why he is posting those kind of things that can make people confuse? He is taking up Psychology and I don’t know if this is his way of manipulating people. During the relationship I was good to him and he was kind of abusive, abusive in a way that he is easily mad and would shout on me on public places. I am pretty and have a good heart, its one of the things that makes me confident even though I was dumped. I just want to have closure/understanding on what he is trying to do? Is he playing games or something? Is it an act of regret? I am really confused. Please explain these things to me. Thank you!

  • DuckieM10:

    Please no negativity, i’m gonna write my ex a letter to try and persuade her. Any ideas how to make it the perfect letter, and for her to at least talk about giving us another chance? I have tried other routes and they have failed. so this is my last chance, i shall move on after this. Any tips or optimistically, anyone succesfully got an ex back with a letter before lol? i know i’m hopeful, but one can but try!

  • Matt:

    My ex-bf tries to be close to me even though he now has a new girlfriend. He says he still miss making love with me. Gosh!! What shall i do?

  • Zanto:

    My ex boyfriend keeps messaging me on face book saying that he still in Love with me and that he misses me. He knows that I have a boyfriend, I keep telling him that I have a boyfriend and I love my boyfriend. He just keeps messaging me on face book. My boyfriend went off on him saying to stop messaging me because I was with him now. My ex boyfriend and I dated for about 9 months then he cheated on me. My boyfriend and I have only been dating for about 2 months. I don’t know what to do, what should I do?

  • superdork:

    My ex boyfriend has been calling me and texting me very often in the last couple of months He tells me he misses me. He tells me he is depressed. Things are not like they were when we were together. All the while he tells me these things BUT he has been dating a woman for the past 3 years (since we broke up) and I know for a fact he is still dating her. Why he is he talking to me when he has a girlfriend?? I just dont seem to understand men. Any insight?

  • Oilers:

    My boyfriend and I are going to make each other something for Valentines day but I can’t think of anything. He has already made me a scrapbook and a calendar for other occasions and I really need some ideas!

  • alberto s:

    I don’t know what to get my ex boyfriend for sweetie day. We broke up like 3 moth ago, but we still cool i moved in to his locker in school. He got a girl friend now. We still talk every da, he call me more then he did now. I still want to shown him i still love him and miss him and i want to bring it to him at school. Oh yea how can I tell him I am still in love with him?

  • The Villain:

    My boyfriend has never done anything to my dog (which is a yorkie) and yet he is scared to death of him. My boyfriend has attempted to play with him, walk him, and give him treats however nothing seems to be working. My dog has even bit him several times. I am moving in with my boyfriend and really love my dog but I have no idea how to get him to be more comfortable with my boyfriend. I could really use some help.

  • Armas:

    I have been with my boyfriend for just over a year now and it has been a brilliant year. We are planning on buying a house together when we can afford it and he talks about our future together more than I do. Hes very kind and caring, always tells me he loves me and doesn’t like to go for more than a day without seeing me because he says he misses me too much. I just want everyone reading this to know that he isn’t a bad buy at all. But he does have a massive problem with people looking at his laptop and phone etc and would probably break up with me if he knew I had been looking. However the first 6 months or so were plagued with problems from his ex boyfriend. He had a very bad relationship with his ex and it definitely damaged my boyfriend. Then last valentines day I got a facebook message from his ex saying that they are still sleeping together and he thought I should know. I didn’t see this message until a few weeks later. a few days before I read the message my boyfriend randomly got me an iphone 4 from his work (he didn’t pay for it but didn’t steal it) as a random gift to show he loves me. Then I read the facebook message and he assured me he didn’t sleep with him and his ex was just trying to break us up. I wasn’t too sure so i checked my boyfriends laptop when i had the chance. (i never check peoples laptops or phones I don’t agree with it but this time I felt I had to). So when I checked i found a folder buried deep in his laptop which contained a naked picture of his ex. Both his exs hands were in the pic so someone would have had to be there to take that pic. I checked the details and it said it was taken on 2nd Feb 2012 and it was taken by the same type of phone my boyfriend had at the time. We had been together for 4 months when this picture was taken. I was pretty sure he had cheated on me but eventually I decided not to tell him because i didn’t have enough evidence and that if he did then I have forgiven him for it in my head (I dont agree with cheating but I do understand the pull of an ex if they get you on the spur of the moment and you simply dont stop it, and that neither of us were in love with each other at the time and he could have made a mistake and regretted it after he did it). So i forgave him in my head if he did then forgot about it. The problems with his ex stopped and the last few months have been amazing. I never checked his laptop again and didn’t feel the need to. Then last july we went on holiday to rome. One night we got talking about porn etc and he told me he still had naked pictures of all of his ex boyfriends and that they are all on external hardrives in a cupboard somewhere so theyre not available for him to look at whenever he goes on his laptop, and that he keeps them as ammo incase any of his exes try to do anything bad to him. I was shocked and this and told him that if i break up with someone then I delete all of the rude pictures I have of them. He then said that he has nothing on his laptop and if he did he wouldn’t leave it lying around with me and wouldnt let me use his laptop like he does. He then said when he gets back to england he will delete all of the pictures to make me happy. I was fine with this and never thought about it or discussed it again.Then for some reason last night I fell asleep for a few minutes when he was downstairs cooking dinner. I dont know why but i dreamt that I caught him having sex with his ex. It was one of those real life dreams that feel real even after you wake up. He was still downstairs and I had the urge to look at his laptop that was sitting on the bed. I found the same folder as before and the picture of his ex was still there. There was also a second picture of his ex naked in the shower (another pic that had to be taken by someone other than the ex) and I found a video file. I don’t know what it is because I couldnt open it in time. Im assuming its a sex tape of the two of them. This video and the second picture of his ex werent there the first time I checked his laptop back in feb. I tried to check when the second pic was taken but it wouldn’t tell me. It looks like an old pic but I don’t understand why that is there now and it wasn’t there before. I also checked the last time my boyfriend went into that folder and it was just over a month ago on a day when I wasn’t round his house.
    So to summarize my boyfriend of over a year possibly cheated on me at the beginning of our relationship, still has naked pictures of his ex when he promised me he would delete them and has added even more naked pics of his ex to it and has been looking at them recently.
    So do I tell him I know about the pictures which also means ill have to tell him I’ve been through his laptop which would most likely mean he’ll break up with me.Or do I keep quiet and try and forget what I’ve seen and done?

  • Random:

    Me and my boyfriend, of over a year, broke up because he wouldn’t meet my parents, I got mad at him and rashly broke up with him. In the past year he also became my best friend. I want to be able to talk to him again, but he doesn’t talk to me anymore, I think because it’s awkward. How do I make things right and be able to just talk to him again?

  • ttocs:

    Things the ex boyfriend tells me
    * I love you but I think our time is done
    * one day we will get back together
    * You have no idea how hard it is for me to do
    * I have accepted this break up
    * I want you to move on
    *A year of college changes you more then you think
    *I have missed you so much
    * I just want to hold you

  • Kevin:

    My ex-boyfriend and I were together for just under a year, but in the past three years we had on and off stages. It was only in the last year that we got together properly and I completely fell in love with him. Towards the end of our relationship (it ended early September), things were awful, we’d fight all the time and it was just strained. I know that it had to end, I thought about ending it so many times, but he got there first and broke up with me. Having been friends for so many years previously, he wanted to be friends immediately. I gave it a go and just continuously felt sad so a month or two ago I told him I wasn’t ready for the friendship and needed some time apart to heal.
    Now I feel even worse. He is constantly on my mind. I am overwhelmingly sad, I’ve lost about 20 pounds in weight I look ill and I miss him so much. Even though I still have feelings for him I know that the relationship wasn’t working, and now I think I just need him back in my life as a friend.
    Some of my friends say that’s the worst thing to do and I just need to get through this painful part until I am 100% over him, but I really don’t think I can make it through this. What’s worse is that it’s Christmas and this time last year we were so happy, which is making it all the more difficult.
    I don’t want him back as a boyfriend, but I need him back in my life. I know he wants to be my friend so it wouldn’t be a problem to get back in touch. While I think this will help the feeling of grief I’m experiencing right now, is this the right thing to do??
    Thanks for your kind words. My friends all say that he treated me badly and doesn’t deserve to have me as his friend, and that he just wants to have his cake and eat it too (i.e. be single but still have me in his life when he needs me). He did do a lot of things wrong in the relationship – towards the end he began to flirt with other girls and generally make me feel bad about myself. I don’t know why I do, but I still have feelings there and can’t bear to let a Christmas go by without even saying Merry Christmas…

  • ibjammin44:

    I’m going on away with my boyfriend for his birthday and we’re staying with his sister and her boyfriend at their place. I’m almost 18, my boyfriend is 20 and his sister is 22. We’re going to theme parks and I hate scary scary rides.. and i dont know how to say ‘no im not going on them’ because i know both my boyfriend and his sister will hassle me if i dont. theres just no way im going to. My boyfriend is painfully shy and quiet and his sister is the complete oppisate, she’s very overbearing, I think she’ll throw all sorts of questions my way. I’d rather just try to push through this holiday without any problems. any tips? anything will be greatly appreciated!

  • Larry R:

    i love him very much and i want to send him a text .. something really cute and sweet :)

  • Krazy Bob:

    I recently found out my boyfriend cheated on me when he went off to college. I’m still in high school, so i kind of had a gut feeling this might happen.. but it still hurts. We broke up and now i find myself with a broken heart…again. Do you guys have any good ways to help get over someone? thanks so much.

  • Mc L:

    I have been thinking about my ex boyfriend a lot lately. I would like us to try again, what is a good way to approach this with him? How do i tell him i miss him and want to try again?

  • Daniel:

    My boyfriend and I have a tendency to become codependent on each other, and last year it became so unhealthy that I finally broke up with him. We were broken up for 6 months, and we just started seeing each other again in December. Over those 6 months, I met someone that I had a breif thing with. He was sweet and understanding and helped me get through a really rough time in my life. It was easy, and that’s all I wanted. After a month and a half, we stopped seeing each other. We were ready to go our separate ways, and I had started to reflect on the relationship with my (then) ex boyfriend. I had started to gain perspective on what our problems really were, and I got the chance to take care of myself and heal at my own pace. The only problem was that in the back of my mind I still missed my boyfriend and I knew I would never find anyone else I loved as much, I missed just talking to him, our friendship was very special to me. He was in counseling, which I was glad to hear, and soon we decided it was worth another shot, we set rules and boundaries and vowed to try to communicate as honestly as possible. But the last few days have brought back some memories of old habits, and I am concerned that maybe he will never change. I know how that sounds, it isn’t fair for me to tell him to change or else, but honestly, I can’t compromise the standards I have. They are very basic standards, and I would be compromising my own integrity if I gave him even an inch of slack. He asked me if I had been with anyone else when we were apart, and I was honest with him. He can’t get past it and refuses to make love to me, and then will be spontaneous and make love to me anyway, and then go back to denying it again. He says he is disgusted. While I think he really is hurt, I think he also just wants to be in control by punishing me at his own discretion. He says and does things that hurt us both whenever he feels threatened, I know this about him, and it usually passes, but it just happens again. I know change takes time, but I am starting to feel that he may never really change with me still in his life. I don’t know what to do. I love him so much, but I am worried that we will ruin the love we have left if we both arent always conscious of our own malfunctions. Am I just enabling bad behavior? Or by staying patient and allowing him to slip into his old habits sometimes, am I making a necessary sacrifice? After all, people dont change over night, and mistakes are bound to happen… I just want to be honest with myself…I am afraid of losing myself. I just dont know where the beginnings and endings are in enabling and sacrificing. Please help.

  • Dom L:

    My boyfriend’s cousin will have a baby very soon. There are “rumors” she might choose my boyfriend. He really doesn’t want to do it because he thinks its a great responsibility. How can he decline? She thinks of him as a brother!

  • jdfan:

    My ex boyfriend broke up with me a little over a month ago. He was my longest relationship, nine months. He is my first love. I want him to want me back. It hurts me when I see him flirt with other girls. What can I do to make him miss me?

  • Ed D:

    My last boyfriend before my current one was a real jerk about sex. We went out for seven months and for my first time he wanted to be a jerk about it. So, I dumped him. This boyfriend of three months is already talking about it and im not exactly old enough anyway.I dont want the same thing to happen again with the guy before.

  • Lia-lu-li:

    My ex boyfriend and I were on good terms and I was in his life. He doesn’t want to see anyone else, but he doesn’t want a relationship either. I stopped talking to him a couple weeks ago, thinking he’ll miss me and want a relationship. Am I doing the right thing by not talking to him and giving him zero attention? I need advice on what to do to get him back. What will make him want to pursue a relationship again with me? What makes guys want someone?

  • Dr Dorian:

    My boyfriend is 15 and we have been going out for 2 months and I don’t know what to buy him. I want it to be special but not really expensive or anything. Also, around how much should I be spending on him?

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    I bought boyfriend jeans today, but I don’t know what kind of top to wear with them?

  • Kristian:

    I dated my ex-boyfriend for thirteen months. He lived forty minutes away. Now I think I might be over him, but I’m not entirely sure. He was my first high school relationship, my first love. Will I always miss him?

  • Jonny:

    Lately I’ve been missing relationships, despite the fact that my last relationship was a painful break-up. It’s been about a year (almost) since we broke up and I feel like I’m ready to maybe date again.

    Maybe Not, I dunno.

    There’s something that I’ve been wondering though. My mother says you know someone’s “the one” (a concept I don’t really believe in) when you can’t live without them. Thing is, you can live without anyone. I mean, it would be miserable to be a hermit (unless that’s your gig) but you could do it. You wouldn’t die. I felt that way around my ex-boyfriend, but there were some serious non-negotiable compatibility issues.

    Thing is, my Mom got married at 23. I’m 22. That makes my brain go “BOOMSDFERJOASDFGH”. I CANNOT imagine getting married right now. Not even to my ex even if everything had worked out.

    How did you know? And if you’re younger than 19, I’m automatically disregarding your answer. GO OUT AND GET A CAREER AND BE A DREAM-CHASER, YOU.

  • Taylor G:

    I had a chat with ex-boyfriend online last night, and gave him a look at my diary which about him; he didn’t tell me his feel after read it. It a little disappointed me. I was listening 60s’ songs as miss him, imagine his sleep look. I thought I wallow in the love for him deeply that cannot extricate myself. Unfortunately he has doesn‘t belong to me, I can love him in secret.

  • veemodz:

    I been trying to get hold of my ex boyfriend but when I call his cell it says unavailable. He sent me a text today, but when I call him it doesn’t go through. He’s in Minnesota and I’m in Ohio. He told me that he misses me and he still loves me.

  • slipknot0129:

    I love my ex boyfriend more than I knew but I made a one off mistake and he threw me out. He never wants to see or hear from me again. I don’t see how I have anything to lose by contacting him and apologising and telling him how i feel about him.

  • sam N:

    See I left this guy who was a complete ass for someone who does treat me right and loves me no matter what flaws I have… But I have dreams about my ex and us back together. I dont know if ur my brain telling me the way I left him was wrong or if I want him back. Even when I’m not asleep he’s in my mind does that mean I’m in his mind also?

  • Sriram R:

    I really love my ex boyfriend but he broke up with me cause my best buddy told him to treat me better and he started to doubt our relationship and on facebook he dumped me. I haven’t spoke to me since and I really miss him. We are both still friends and I need help. I don’t know what to do please help me if you can. He is a nice guy trust me.

  • Benihana:

    He sent me text messages telling me to find somebody good and not to wait for him.

  • jdfan:

    10 months ago my ex boyfriend broke up with me. I did not see anything wrong with the relationship and I was sick with severe anxiety at the time, which is the reason he left me – I wasn’t “fun” anymore because I couldn’t do things due to constant nausea. I have tried to pick up and resume normal life, with brief periods of happiness. He began dating another girl a few months after we broke up. He has called me a few nights (while dating her) telling me how much he misses me and that she’s not me even though she’s great. Each time he did this I would be almost past him. She just broke up with him now. Anyways, ever since all of this turmoil I have noticed I feel SO disconnected to others. My roommate betrayed me when I started seeing another guy and he stopped seeing me. My friends haven’t really been there and my family doesn’t understand me. I go out and have made new friends but I feel like emotionless towards them. I just don’t care about anyone but how I feel anymore. I used to be so caring and selfless. I used to be happy, laugh, I was fun. And these past 10 months I don’t even know who I am anymore. Why? I want to love life and others again…

  • Derek:

    I broke up with my ex boyfriend awhile before school ended. And I hooked up with my current one, shortly after. But he just now started saying that he’s sorry, and that he misses me, and that he still loves me. I told him about my boyfriend, and that I don’t return the feelings that he has for me. But i still don’t know what I should do.

  • Yoshi:

    Well, my first love and her family appear in my dream at times. This one we were at this wooden inn and I was just visiting. But they were all there having a good time while I lurked around observing them. What in world could this dream even mean?

  • nyyankees1123:

    I wish he was on a southwest airline coming back here. People keep hacking and messing with my account. Anyways, I am still in love with my ex boyfriend from 2 years ago. He is hot, 6’2″, blonde, tan, and has eyes like the ocean and loves just as big. When it comes to music and romance, he has stolen my heart.

  • Sriram R:

    Okay I know you will think this is kinda slutty… My ex and I were still dating and we broke up. I didn’t think I was pregnant in the beginning but now I am really thinking that I am… My boyfriend at the moment does not want a girlfriend with a child. I do not know what to tell him without him getting upset and leaving me… In the beginning of our relationship I told him that it was possible. But then we stopped talking about it and now I am freaking because I have missed 2 months and I have been having different symptoms of someone who is pregnant. I have talked to everyone I know That I was but I do not want to him to leave me. I hurt thinking about it and knowing that he will leave me.
    I live with my Christian grandparents and aunt…My mom doesn’t know my brother doesn’t either but my sister does. I want to do it in a way that no one yells at me or gets really mad.

  • dealy:

    Well I liked this guy for awhile and we talked for about four months. I really really thought he loved me but I guess he didn’t. I heard from his bestfriend that he was a major player and his ex told me he cheated on her well I asked him about it and he got really mad and defensive. And I haven talked to him in a long time… I really miss him even I he is a cheater… How do I get over him???

  • alberto s:

    So me and my boyfriend have been dating for about 6 months. Before we started dating he was going to get into a relationship with this other girl and then she went on vacation in the summer and he met me and was interested in me. Point is that he still talks to her and they are “good friends”. He wants me to be friends with her so we can all hang out more together but I honestly can’t look at her in a nice way since I know her and my boyfriend had a thing. What should I do? Should I be concerned? Should I just try to like her? I don’t know. Any personal experiences with a similar situation?

  • TommyKay:

    My Ex boyfriend and me where almost together for a year. Then he wanted to be friends and I just start missing him. He was the best to me yeah we fought but that happens just want him back!! but i am trying to move on and be happy but he still has my heat. I just want it know what to do that’s all do I just move on or do I keep trying to get him back?

  • Rassling Fundamentals:

    My boyfriend was taking it to fast so I broke up with him and I regret it. He says he has a new girlfriend but I think she is fake because he won’t tell anybody who she is. How do I get him to ask for me back?

  • musicistabest:

    My ex and i have been broken up for around a month, but we have been on and off til yesterday, when he said his final goodbye. He randomly told me last month that he didnt love me anymore, and we had been having sex for a few weeks after for fun, and he wanted to end it yesterday… How can i get him to miss me? Is it best to just cut off al communication til he contacts me?

  • jdubdoubleu7704:

    I made out with my best friend’s ex boyfriend in front of her by mistake. She said i could go out with him and everything but when i made out with him, she told me she would never look at me the same way again. She wont forgive me and she keeps telling me to stop texting her. I really miss her and I dont know what to do. Please help!

  • Con Orpe:

    Me and my ex have been broken up for the last time for a few months now, he told me that we should stop talking because he doesn’t want to fall for me again. I still ask about him and half my friends say he misses me, and the other half say he doesn’t. I want to believe so bad that he’s still in love with me but i don’t know. Please help. What are some signs that he still loves me or misses me?

  • white man:

    I been trying to get hold of my ex boyfriend but when I call his cell it says unavailable. He sent me a text today, but when I call him it doesn’t go through. He’s in Minnesota and I’m in Ohio. He told me that he misses me and he still loves me. Is his phone off or did he forget to buy a phone card for his phone?
    I think he gets his phone through Wal-mart.
    I think he gets his phone through Wal-mart.
    If the phone is off. Wouldn’t I get his voicemail?

  • kiltakblog:

    My friend got a text from her boyfriend at the time and broke up with her for no reason when justlast night he told her ” i miss you so much and i will love you forever princess.”

  • Only Business:

    My ex boyfriend, who moved on very quickly after our relationship started choking up/crying while I was talking to him. It was towards the end of the conversation, and he was saying “I never meant to hurt you”, and it took a couple minutes for him to collect himself. He broke up with me, and it has almost been a year. After a few days, I talked to him, and he was really mean and disrespectful. But why would he get emotional?

    We were together for 3.5 years, and like I mentioned before, broke up last July.

  • nasty1:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together 6 months and ive found my self growing more attracted to woman. but i love my boyfriend. so i was thinking he could grow a lovely pair of moobs (man boobs). any suggestions?

  • mendhak:

    My boyfriend is turning seventeen soon. I dont know what to get him that doesnt cost very much. He likes outdoors stuff. So what would everyone suggest?

  • altair:

    My boyfriend always says that im beautiful and have pretty eyes and stuff like that. How do I respond other than saying thankyou or thanks?

  • XplicitzZ:

    I dont trust my boyfriend at all , & tonight he is going out with his cousin , brother , & bestfriend , and some other guys & i dont trust none of them. They are all single , me & my boyfriend have been together 9 months , and i dont know if his cheated but he is a flirt!

  • zigg3ns:

    My boyfriend and I have been together 5 months. We have an exciting sex life and have been suggesting fun things to do. My boyfriend suggesting a 3sum with another girl and I get to choose who. I dont think I could handle seeing him kiss another girl, let alone have intercourse!
    So I suggested a guy instead of a girl, and he suggested a 4sum.
    What should I do? Is it normal to feel like this.

  • Lia-lu-li:

    My boyfriend will not stop feeding the puppy at the table and then my boyfriend gets mad at the puppy when he begs. I have told my boyfriend that his feeding the puppy from the table is the cause of the begging, but that does not stop him from feeding him. This is driving me crazy. I have to train both the puppy and my boyfriend!

  • Orbit:

    My boyfriend gave me hints on what he got me for Christmas. He said it was small and started with the letter z. Any ideas?

  • Beavis:

    My boyfriend’s the biggest suck up after a fight. He gives me like a thousand kisses and hugs. He follows me around like a lost puppy and keeps telling me how much he loves me. Is mine the only one that does this or are they all this way?

  • Alina Elliott:

    My boyfriend doesn’t act like my boyfriend and I want to tell him that, how??

  • Jenna:

    I had a dream last night where my boyfriend proposes to me and gives me a silver ring with a heart on it. How do I interpret this dream? My boyfriend and I have not been talking about marriage and I do not expect a marriage proposal any time soon.

  • Michael:

    Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a month and I want some ideas on what to get him for our one month.

  • Goe122:

    Some have noticed i am in a relationship, problem is there is a bit of a distance and some friends seem to think its stupid.
    I have met him once and stayed over a few days and we got on really well. Now i’m home i miss him more than ever and makes me realize exactly how much i like him.

    I dont expect all my friends/family to understand but i also don’t want them poking fun and thinking it will just fail.

    Any advice please?

  • soccermaster1:

    My ex boyfriend texts me out of the blue. He tells me that he misses me and that he still loves me. We broke up because he got in trouble with the law and had to go to jail. But when we broke up he didn’t tell me that he had to go to jail. I’m kinda seeing someone, but don’t know where I stand in the relationship with my ex. I still love my ex boyfriend and will always love him.My ex boyfriend asked me if I’m pregnant with his kid and when I asked him why you want to try? He says LOL Ya.
    To Michaela: What the hell do Elephants and Monkeys have to do with my question? Do you read the questions before you answer with stupid answers?

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    I Live with my grandparents and I have no idea how to introduce my boyfriend to them! And I’m Kinda of afraid that if i introduce my boyfriend to my grandparent my boyfriend won’t like me anymore.

  • nmlpc:

    My boyfriend wants to meet my parents. They’re both racist, my dad being the worst of the two. My boyfriend is black, and they both are gonna hate it. How do I introduce him without them screaming?

  • Willie:

    My boyfriend is a computer programmer, but he still acts like a little kid. I can barely get him to wear a jacket and its -11 outside. He needs to wear a hat, how can I trick him?

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    My boyfriend is working two jobs, and never has time for me. What should I do?

  • supernerd567:

    Do people usually get their boyfriends for graduation? Flowers? Gifts?

    My boyfriend is graduating tomorrow from a University and I am very proud of him. Problem is, I dont know what to get him. Help me out!


  • louisewoods1984:

    I want to be with my boyfriend but I don’t want to neglect my friends either because they are important to me too! How can I tell my boyfriend that I need to spend some time with my friends sometimes, because he’s always by my side and while I love his company sometimes I want to be with just my friends. How can I say this to him without hurting him?

  • Xbox Gamer:

    Anytime my boyfriend asks my dog to “come” or “sit” my dog gets skittish and pees a little. Is there anyway to make my dog more comfortable with my boyfriend and stop the behavior? It is starting to weigh on my relationship with my boyfriend.

  • easton j:

    My boyfriend is 14 and he isnt very athletic. This is our seventh time dating and soon we will have been dating for two months. I want to get him something meaningful, so no giftcards. So what should i get him?

  • Chester:

    I’ve never had a boyfriend, never kissed a boy.
    Going to high school, fresh meat here!
    I really want to give boys a different impression, but still be myself.

    What’s the possibility of getting a boyfriend as a freshman?

  • Squall Leonhart:

    How do you ask your boyfriend to a double date to the movies with your best friend and her boyfriend?

  • Agent 47:

    My boyfriend is a retard who still plays pokemon red. He won’t switch to pokemon crystal because he thinks red is better. Everyone knows pokemon crystal is a huge upgrade to red and has more leagues and more pokemon PLUS the originals. Not to mention its in color.

  • Xbox360king:

    I have have been dating my boyfriend, Tom, three weeks today. I am not really ready for him to meet my parents yet, although they would like to meet him. When did you introduce your boyfriends/girlfriends to your parents? Thank you.

  • Echo:

    My boyfriend is more than likely going to start working at the same place as my ex. If it was anyone else, it’d be fine. But, this ex abused me mentally and physically. He scares me more than anyone. And, if my boyfriend starts working with him, I might be seeing my ex more often. I’m terrified.

    What do I do? How can I handle this?

  • MentallyCryppled:

    My boyfriend and I will have been going out for 5 months at Christmas, and I have absolutely not idea what to get him. I was thinking somewhat homemade, or at least something I can personalize. Were spending around $30. Thanks for your ideas!

  • Zanto:

    I love my boyfriend SOO much, but i always feel like he’s going to break up with me because of something i did. I just recently got out of a really bad relationship where he was just using me and it just didn’t end well. Honest to god i do NOT want to break up with my boyfriend i just want to know how to get all these bad thoughts away, any ideas?

  • Roflcopter:

    I have car insurance but my boyfriend (who is licensed) is entirely uninsured and drives his dads car and sometimes mine. What happens if we get in an accident or pulled over? Who pays the fines? Thanks.

  • whites are not the only racists:

    My boyfriend has been stressed from work, and I would like to be a stress reliever, can anyone help?

  • Jeff:

    My boyfriend is leaving for the summer and i want some songs to listen to while hes gone.
    Im kinda into pop punk, country, and new pop music.

  • Rkmc:

    I have this new boyfriend and my mom says i’m to young to have a boyfriend. I have one anyways and i’m trying to keep it a secret from my parents, I have no clue how to keep him a secret from my mom.

  • lucasg615:

    My boyfriend’s dad won’t let us be alone together. He won’t let him come over to my house. And he always supervises his son and I whenever I am over. My mom is clingy so she doesn’t let me go over much. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over 7 months and this has just been going on since Easter. How should we get his dad to trust us again?

  • Patrick:

    My friend has a perverted boyfriend and she needs tips to make him less of a pervert.Any tips?

  • Eric:

    Well, i have a boyfriend and I really want him to come over to my house, but my parents don’t know i am going out with a guy. So please give me some tips on sneaking your boyfriend over to your house.

  • Larry R:

    I snuck my boyfriend over to my house while my parents were sleeping. My neighbor totally told on me. Of course, my parents hate my boyfriend now. I suggested that he talked to my parents about what had happened and apologize for it, but we are both cluless on what he should say. I could really use some mature adivce. I really like my boyfriend, and i dont want my parents hating him. I need help!

  • Mathew:

    My boyfriend just told me he is not circumcized, and i love him so its not that big of a deal. I just want to know the health issues related to having extra skin.

  • Noe R:

    My boyfriend works in Scotland and is a Romanian citizen. He just wants to be able to visit.
    Maybe I worded this wrong. I know that “I” don’t do anything. He has to apply for it himself. I just wanted to know if there is anything that I can do to help make it more possible that it would get approved.

  • Jack Bauer:

    My boyfriend is a complete emo and me is like just simple.
    Do you think that we will last longer.?
    What is the advantages and disadvantages of having an emo boyfriend?

  • Shay H:

    Like, today, my boyfriend asked me if i wanted to hear him play his guitar, and i said yes, he was actually better than i expected.

  • Heath:

    What is the ultimate sign your boyfriend loves you?
    What are some super good quality indications a shy, introverted boy has fallen in love with a regular girl?

  • kass9191:

    My boyfriend is in jail and i wanted to know the names of some songs i could dedicate to him.

  • have faith:

    My boyfriend and his son have recently moved in with me and my two dogs. My one dog isnt bothered by this at all but my other dog has become fearful and submissive. He gets scared with any kind of loud noise and slinks past my boyfriend. I know my boyfriend has never hurt him, he feeds him and plays fetch with him everyday. But, when we are inside the house the dog is scared… HELP PLEASE!

  • Lucas H:

    One classmate already has a boyfriend and she is in 6th grade ! Her boyfriend is in 8th grade !
    I also meet a girl who is 4th grade and she has a boyfriend too !

  • _marky_mark_:

    Multiple times a day my girlfriend talks about one of her ex-boyfriends. It’s pretty annoying, and I’d love to straight forwardly tell her to shut her face and get lost. Buuut, that’s probably not the healthiest way to approach it. Any ideas?

  • Mark:

    My boyfriend plays games all day and works most of the night. He tells me he loves me all the time he just doesnt show it please help me help him to show his true feelings.

  • skillz:

    Besides the legal certificate…what do you NOT expect from a boyfriend that you’d expect from a husband?

    Example: Do you expect your boyfriend to be loyal, not cheat, love only you, pay for dates, have kids, a husband would?

  • Squall Leonhart:

    My boyfriend french kissed me and I kinda just accepted it but I didn’t give him my tounge. Should I have? I’ve never frenched before.

  • floydian8717:

    my boyfriend just left for boot camp and i am so anxious to get letters and write back. But his parents keep telling me i can’t write anything personal or mushy (ex. i love you, miss your kisses, calling him babe or honey) is that true? they said writing that will get him made fun of/worked harder. also his birthday is coming up and they said not to mention it or say happy birthday or anything. I’m so confused and don’t want to get him in any trouble, what am i allowed to write??

  • Mark M:

    My boyfriend of almost two months isn’t getting any presents from his family this year, because they are low on money. He said he doesn’t want anything, but I still feel like I should get him something. What should I get him?

  • Motordom:

    I know someone can’t tell me how to feel inside, but I guess I’m asking if this is normal or not.

    (Before you go any further I want to say that I’m not insecure because I realize it may sound that way as I’ve re-read this half a dozen times) ((lol))

    I saw her activity on Facebook. She on a daily basis (she might miss a day here and there) searches her ex boyfriends from her cellphone on Facebook. We’ve been going out for 10 months now. We’ve almost broken up and been on other dates with other people, and its safe to say we’ve grown so much together and somehow made it through the most difficult of times. Which I really am proud of. I love her. From her looks to her personality. She’s a soldier and an amazing companion.

    Although all that might sound peachy, this Facebook nonsense is really stuck on my mind. I told her about it yesterday, and didn’t make a big deal out of it, to not make it look that serious. I hate fighting as we’ve both had our share in the past. Her reaction was silence for the most part and I just kind of felt stuck on it. I feel like if I would do that and search my ex or ex’s, my intention would be to talk to them eventually or even sort of imagine myself kind of exploring the option of a plan B in case this relationship really did die. Why does she need to know their life story and be up to speed with their activities? All my ex’s are clipped of my cellphone and Facebook. Its called an EX right? She even searched up the new girlfriend of her first ex…from like 2009.

    She also searched her ex’s new girlfriend. I can’t help but think since those are 80% (no exaggeration) of her only searches on Facebook, that she kind of wants to be that new girl.

    I’m probably wrong. The truth is, we’ve gotten so serious lately and after everything we’ve been through I’m actually thinking that her in my life is something I could really live with. I really believe that we have a connection unlike any other in the past. I’ve been a better boyfriend I continue to move forward with life with her in the mix. We’ve talked about our timeline, and even expect to get engaged one day.

    What am I to make of all this though? Can she want this as she claims she does?

    Keep in mind she has NOT messaged any of them for any reason. She might have liked a photo here or there, but that was discussed. Its also very safe to say that she never knew or even imagined that I’d have access to that search info.

    I can understand if feelings don’t just disappear, and this took place within the first few phases of our relationship….That is not the case though..

    Is this normal? For her to talk highly of these guys in passing whenever we had talked about them in the past and for me to have found all this…Its just makes me think…

    No matter how brutal it sounds can someone tell me what this really means? Did I violate her privacy altogether by finding this out? Even if I did, what am I to make of this. I’d prefer females to answer this question or any guys who have been on my end of this situation.

    If I’m just going on a bender and you believe all this is insignificant then fine, let me know so, but its on my mind for a reason and that’s why I’m on here. Google didn’t help me much lol…

    Please answer honestly and take this question to heart as I’ve been thinking about this for what seems like forever.

    PS. I posted this under a section that I feel would get a mixed crowd, not necessary the relationship one.

    Much love and thanks to the Yahoo Answers community.

  • everythingisgonnabefine:

    My parents don’t like my boyfriend. He dropped out of high school. He works at a fast food restaurant. How can I get my parents to like my boyfriend?

  • Zack Faria:

    I’m 28, I dated guy #2 shortly after I had broken up with my ex-boyfriend of 4 years ( guy #1 whom has decided to take a job overseas and didn’t want to do the long distance thing). I wanted to take things slow but got caught up in the the thrill of a new romance. I didn’t want a rebound and warned him about it. I had my reservations cause after the 1st date, he introduced me to his mom, is 35, dated a lot of girls one after the other and his longest relationship ever was 6 months. He told me it’s cause he had issues but worked them out. Still I wanted to protect myself, especially since minutes after our 1st kiss, he posted something on facebook about it. PLus I was scared to get involved with him cause he’s working to pay off a lof of debt and can’t afford to live by himself right now so shares a house with a few roomates. I’m in a good place financially and I’d want someone who’s just as independent as I am. Still, I gave it a chance and fell in love with him, However, 1 month later, my ex moved back and quit his job cause he missed me and tried to win me back. I was torn and I told guy #2 that I was stuck because I loved them both so I broke things off with him. He was devastated, assumed I was going back to my ex and a week later, he started dating a new girl. At first, I told him I was happy for him cause I felt guilty for leaving him, but then I realized how much I missed him and told him. He snapped at me and told me it was too late cause he liked that new girl. I was so so confused cause he kept telling me we were soul mates and we’d end up getting married and now he’s moved on so fast. He also told me we’re not right for each other right now, that we should stay friends and if the universe decides, we’ll be together again in this lifetime or the next one. I’ve decided to be alone for now but I’m so sad over guy #2 cause I feel like I ruined everything. How can I move on and stop feeling so mad at myself?

  • Dr Dorian:

    I’m 28, I dated guy #2 shortly after I had broken up with my ex-boyfriend of 4 years ( guy #1 whom has decided to take a job overseas and didn’t want to do the long distance thing). I wanted to take things slow but got caught up in the the thrill of a new romance. I didn’t want a rebound and warned him about it. I had my reservations cause after the 1st date, he introduced me to his mom, is 35, dated a lot of girls one after the other and his longest relationship ever was 6 months. He told me it’s cause he had issues but worked them out. Still I wanted to protect myself, especially since minutes after our 1st kiss, he posted something on facebook about it. PLus I was scared to get involved with him cause he’s working to pay off a lof of debt and can’t afford to live by himself right now so shares a house with a few roomates. I’m in a good place financially and I’d want someone who’s just as independent as I am. Still, I gave it a chance and fell in love with him, However, 1 month later, my ex moved back and quit his job cause he missed me and tried to win me back. I was torn and I told guy #2 that I was stuck because I loved them both so I broke things off with him. He was devastated, assumed I was going back to my ex and a week later, he started dating a new girl. At first, I told him I was happy for him cause I felt guilty for leaving him, but then I realized how much I missed him and told him. He snapped at me and told me it was too late cause he liked that new girl. I was so so confused cause he kept telling me we were soul mates and we’d end up getting married and now he’s moved on so fast. He also told me we’re not right for each other right now, that we should stay friends and if the universe decides, we’ll be together again in this lifetime or the next one. I’ve decided to be alone for now but I’m so sad over guy #2 cause I feel like I ruined everything. How can I move on and stop feeling so mad at myself?

  • ConfusionnaJob:

    I have had a very tough year going. To begin with, in the month of January, my roommate didn’t behave too properly with me in the early months of the year. She would constantly bitch about me and be rude to me throughout. I discontinued my friendship with her. Then I faced some severe gastrointestinal problems from the beginning of the year till mid-June that made me weak and disturbed my concentration in my studies. I broke up with my boyfriend in April and I still haven’t been able to deal with it. I had to tolerate with his nonsense for two months prior to the breakup. He would ignore me and not take my calls or reply to my messages. He didn’t have the damn guts to tell me that he didn’t love me anymore. If he had, I would have backed off. But he distanced himself away from me and it frustrates me like anything! My exams in May and June did not go too well because I couldn’t concentrate on my studies due to my bad health which would refuse to recover and because I would miss my idiotic ex-boyfriend at all times. The month of July started off pretty bad. I was sexually assaulted, and the trauma remains. In the month of August, after a period of six months, my ex tried texted me. I had begun to move past him but he ruined it for me. I thought he would call me on my birthday, which is in September, but he did not. Now I get into arguments with my mother over the most irrelevant things which aren’t helping me at all. I tend to lay the blame on my mother’s short-temper and not on my stubbornness and inability to cooperate with others.

    I am constantly sad and I feel that my breakup and the incident of sexual assault are the cause behind it. I feel empty without the companionship and friendship of my ex-boyfriend. I secretly wish he sees this in Yahoo! Answers and figures how bad a situation I am in without him. I feel sick and empty on the inside. I have nothing to move forward for in life. I am sure this isn’t depression but I am not even sure what it is. I don’t know what to do. Crying my eyes out will not help. I need a vision. I need a future to look forward to. My parameters of happiness are whether I have a boyfriend or not. I count my blessings all the time but I am just too stupid to realise that being in a relationship does not decide whether I am happy or not. I have lost out on way too many friends this year. I don’t want to lose more. I don’t want to be the sad, old, cretin who is pissed off and annoyed at everything. I don’t know how to lose this hollow feeling. I don’t know who to talk to about this. My best friends will always listen to me but I don’t want to burden them with my troubles. Ever since my assault, I have decided that I shall not be intimate with any boy ever. I am not sure how long can I go without physical intimacy with a man, but it must be done. I feel I would relive the incident all over again and re-traumatise myself.

    I don’t want to be sad. I need to be happy. I need my boyfriend. I wish he needs me as much I need him.

  • LN13:

    OK I’ve had a crush on the lady after the very first time we met, we met six years back in a bar and she or he kissed me. I wasn’t everything confident back (i was only 19, now 24/25) then so never attempted to create contact beyond a couple of messages. Neither did she. A week ago we went into each (completely without warning) talked also it went very well. We kissed, hugged and everything was great. She explained arrive at a celebration the following evening. After I messaged her the following day saying I had been happy about last evening and asking her in which the party was she never responded. Only the following day after i sent a note asking concerning the other party she pointed out (the main one the following evening around the Saturday) did she respond saying in the future. We kissed and hugged coupled with a great time watching a band. She then returned towards the share house and required a celebration pill (I did not and don’t, try not to judge) I observed a smoking tool and a packet of Valium in her own room but she did not touch individuals. Then we went to some bar dancing. Again more kissing embracing, this time around I felt like I had been trailing her as she was going from area to area. I began dancing to some rock song and she or he struck me around the arm saying: “Don’t dance to that particular!Inch. She then rushed from the bar to possess a cigarette. Explaining that they could not be around anybody, that they wasn’t quite ready for any relationship, that they was recovering from her ex which she’s a ‘history’. She was half in tears. I encouraged her and informed her which i was there on her. I most likely should not have, however i informed her I thought about what she was dealing with coupled with fallen on her (but informed her it had not been love – that requires time for you to grow). She checked out me like she was feeling sorry for me personally telling me: ‘Oh no that sucks’. Nonetheless we returned towards the share house, she’d some marijuana (she entered another room to be, I did not follow) so we kissed more. She appeared to possess settled lower so we feel asleep near to one another. I had been cradling her however it got hot. Anyway, the following day she was distant again, she explained the main reason she did not respond that evening was because her phone was at her bag also it was good anyway since her ex-boyfriend who she had not observed in two several weeks was there. They’d a large argument. Afterwards within the day the boyfriend known as plus they were on the telephone for 3 hrs, she appeared very upset but nobody dared interfere. The housemates and that i counseled me worried about her. She ended the phone call in tears saying that her ex owed her a lot of money in skipped rent once they resided together he was threatening self-harm if she required him to the court from it and she or he did not get sound advice apart from drop the claim against him. I encouraged her again and kissed her. She explained she needed to possess a relaxation and that i agreed and so i left late within the mid-day. Her flatmate explained they would play pool the following evening and also to come, I informed her I’d see her there. After I messaged the following day she explained that they are likely to dinner ‘with friends’ I wanted her to ‘have fun x’ but could not help feeling it had been excuse… That they is attempting to not become familiar with me maybe because she gets if she reveals in my experience she might get hurt and she or he is not prepared to ‘think about other people in the moment’. However I informed her Among the finest to spend some time together with her and can take your time, not get into sex or anything and merely participate in her, that they does not need to be concerned about me.

    I’m unclear about things i must do. I’d rather not be desperate or push the boat but I wish to make obvious to her which i truly wish to be there. Personally i think she’s set up an obstacle anybody she’s quite drawn to (or possibly just me) for fear she might get herself connected. I observed on her behalf phone she’d a dating application (tinder) so she does not appear averse to meeting and spending time with new people. Why does not she message me, or show any interest when I am the main one she has been kissing and also have just only seen again red carpet years? I get very hurt over this. I’ve considered her for any very long time and perhaps I’ve developed some type of idealisation of her (the one which got away) however when we met again it had not been about this I saw the woman like a bubbly, vibrant spark who demonstrated me affection in the end that point and that is what matters in my experience. I am just scared she’ll never really reciprocate my affection and open since she’s consumed with safeguarding herself from getting hurt again. Can there be anyway to create her feel at ease apart from completely backing off and crossing my fingers?

    You may be right Anastasia about this most likely not BPD the results from the synthetic and plant based illicit substances might have been reflecting the signs and symptoms of somebody with quickly changing on-edge emotions. From affection, to anger to coldness to affection. She was very guarded however maybe that may be credited towards the triggers put on her by her ex. I suppose I’m also insecure and almost attempting to demonstrate to her a great time, to thrill her feeling that they will dsicover another person within the interim basically just back away. She has not sent us a message first because we met and our daily correspondence continues to be restricted to two texts, I realize she needs space but I am worried she’s already reduced me and also the chemistry we’ve we meet because of this requirement for space because of this ex. I do not dare to pressure having a call (because it always appears to consider the vast majority an hour or so to obtain a message back anyway(. I suppose this really is more ‘Relationships’ than ‘Health’ however the in

  • blarg blarg:

    I’ve been buddies with my old boyfriend for around 6 several weeks now. His lease expires in the finish from the summer time and that he requested if he really wants to be roomies. My buddies still let me know he’s teasing hardcore beside me. They believe there’s grounds why he’s asking me to maneuver in. Im still drawn to him however i dont get sound advice?

  • crzyinluv:

    My old boyfriend left me, Im so upset and wish him back, how do you make him notice me again?

  • D3ZZY:

    Okay Next monday I am likely to Band camping. And that i haven’t seen my old boyfriend all summer time and that i actually want to lead him to miss me and become jealous. What should i do. I’ve not spoken to him because we split up in December however i want him to overlook me and regret splitting up beside me. So please let me know what i have to do.

  • Dr Hank:

    The other night I had a dream about my ex boyfriend wanting to spend time with me right after i got out of swim practice. We then later met up a baseball field and he confessed he still liked me. When i asked about his girlfriend he responded that he left her for me. Im so confused on what this dream means, please help!

  • John:

    I have a friend with benefits with and he is my ex boyfriend is that bad? Like we don’t have sex tho he wants me to give him BJ tho should I do it?

  • JackReynolds:

    My ex boyfriend told me that he loved me for the first time and i love him back but for some reason i dont think he means it because he still does the same things he did before you guys broke up

  • Cliffy N:

    Exactly one week ago my ex boyfriend passed away and in my dream I bumped into him while being out and he was alive. In my dream at first I was upset, because his passing had all been a lie, but then I was so relieved that he was alive. We then hugged and told each other that we loved one another.
    Another thing that I should mention is that two days before he passed I was thinking about him, but didn’t reach out and then the morning of the day he passed I had a really bad feeling in my chest, but had no idea what it was. Can anyone please help get a little insight on my dream? thank you!

  • Gundown64:

    My ex-boyfriend and I are still very close and tomorrow is his birthday and hes spending it with me. He asked me if we could makeout and I said sure.. But this is our first time makeing out and i dont want to mess up. Any help please? :( Like how do you makeout?

  • llb443:

    Me and my ex boyfriend have been broken up 2months but we still talk ando have sex :/ he says he still loves me and wants to see if I’ve change. Hes always texting me everyday. Wat ate some good signs he has good intentions?

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused:

    My ex boyfriend and I have a child together and see eachother every other day.

  • Michael K:

    My friend recently slept with her ex boyfriend and then right after found out he had a new girlfriend, she’s asking me for advice and I’m not sure what to say? Why do you think he did it? I’ve never been in that position before.

  • John G:

    My boyfriend and his ex had a almost 14 year relationship. Now I understand there is history she moved out of state but she’s constantly wanting to come here and have sex with him. In my eyes it is very disrespectful for him to tell her he loves and misses her to. I asked him to please stop talking to her at least until she gets over it he thinks im wrong I tell him I don’t appreciate her disrespecting our relationship. Am I over reacting?

  • Andre:

    I had patch with my boyfriend back last few months back, cause i’d regret breaking up with him before. And in my heart i felt really do love him so much ever more, and he does love me so much when we are together before. Okay when we patch back together, cause i am the one who contact him firs and i knew he was surprise that i call him back. And i told him that i miss him so much and want him back in my life, and then he told me had someone else, but i know he just testing me how i feel.

    Then about few weeks i call him while i am working near for Valentine’s day when we slowly communicate to each other. I was glad and happy while i am listening to his voice when we talk and i always told him on the phone that i love him and miss him so much (but on Valentine day he doesn’t wish that was sad). In the mean while about 2months we are still talking about the past. But i wasn’t sure that we are back in a relationship, cause he doesn’t told me that he love me” but i did told him “Dear do you miss me? He said yes i miss you.

    And why my ex does’t say he love me yet? although he miss me we are long-distance relationship and i know he still care’s for me and my family. please explain to me why?? Do asked me to move on.. cause his the man i want to be with him forever.

  • Chester:

    i am in love. last year, the whole school year i was on and off with the same boy over and over again. i loved him, he made me feel so special. other people would always tell me, hes not worth it girl, hes just hurting you. all the times we were together, he was always playing with my mind, confusing me and all. he is the one known for cheating on his girlfriends. when i was with him he never cheated on me, i felt some sort of way for him, i really did. it was around July and we broke off, we stopped talking/ going out for good. he found out that one night i had hooked up with this other kid, and he got really mad, and then that was the last time i ever kissed/ seen the good part of him. the whole rest of the summer ive missed him so much, i was constantly on his myspace looking who he goes out with now, and reading his away messages. i was head over heels for him. time was going by and this september i had moved, i still visit my old house every weekend. im not that far from it! throughout this school year, i havent met one boy that made me feel as good as i felt when i was with him. i was constatnly seeing him over the weekends, and all of our memories just kept coming back to me. its now april, and i still mis him. its weird now, we’re not like friends. hes a jerk now that were not together. he always saying..SIMONE YOUR PRITT. and he had a girlfriend, and he still talks to her i think. =( im lost without him, and i dont know how to exlpain to anybody, because nobody ever understands me. i wish i could just tell him how i felt, and just get it done with. but i dont have the balls to do that. summer is coming up, and i am moving back, so i will be going to school with him again. i really hope we reunit, because i really miss him. hes such a jerk, but theres just something about him that i love. he used to buy me shit all the time, and take me to the movies. he would constantly come to my job and see me, and wait until i got off work. he would always come over, and i just miss it. on my wall he signed, “NAME” was here 4.17.09 i love you baby. and i just get so upset when i look at it. does anyone have any ideas on how i can tell him i love him without sounding like im desperate, ?i really need help,

  • Smashing Pumpkins:

    So my boyfriend and I broke up almost a month ago, and to be honest, it’s killing me. I miss him all the time, get excited when I hear his voice and see him even in the hallway. We didn’t break up for any good reason, just that we were having a bad week and it felt like we weren’t dating during that week– which there are valid reasons for. I know he still liked me after we broke up, and I am nearly positive he likes me still now, as he told my close friend he regretted ending it… Is it alright for me to ask for another try? We got along great and had so much fun together, and I really miss him. And how can I ask him if it’s acceptable for me to do that?

  • Kaylla:

    Is it bad for your boyfriend that loves you to facebook message his ex and say he misses her? His ex told this to me, and showed my boyfriend’s sister the proof. Is it really a big deal… and what should I do now? PLEASE help.
    Because I really care about him… but this is my first relationship and I don’t want to play the fool.
    … if he still misses her… does it mean he really can’t love me? His ex said she wouldn’t ever get back with him though… she’s over him. But, she wanted me to know.

    I asked him if he still had feelings for her and he said a tad bit, but not a lot and that if he truly wanted her back, I wouldve stay single until she was again. I said don’t be afraid to tell me if you are ever not happy being with me – and he said “Y would u think I’m not happy with u, ever since I been dating u things have changed in me, I’m not the guy I was before, I’m not as angry as I was before, and other stuff” I said I felt stupid for saying this… and he reassured me that he got that I was being cautious and he understood and that I wasn’t being stupid. He said he loved me, I replied the same, he said he loved me more, I said good to hear but impossible, he said “Nothing is Impossible night sweet dreams”

    Do I let the situation go and trust that he will move on soon because he loves me and being with me? OR Am I still playing the fool?
    His ex and himself had a break up about 10 months ago; and I get that it’s natural for him to still care for her. If he didn’t, he’d be a jerk. But… how far of acting on it is crossing the line?

  • rndmaktn:

    After a lot of drama and just plain not working out, my ex and I decided to go our separate ways. I moved out of the country when he moved back home. He’s been sending me messages that he misses me, and we have light conversation, but I haven’t told him I missed him yet either. I haven’t responded to any of his affections at all. I feel terrible about it. But at the same time, I know that you’re sexy becomes I miss you becomes I love you becomes baby this baby that, and then we’re calling every day, and we’re pretending to be in a relationship that doesn’t exist. Because that’s what happened the last time we tried to be friends. It irritated me because it felt like I’d give him an inch and he’d take a mile. I’d say I was uncomfortable with ____ and he’d back off at first and then just inch in from another angle, or guilt trip me (which is part of what broke us up, his being manipulative to get what he wanted at times, although he has been improving lately) and I’d completely bypass his attempts at being extra affectionate because we weren’t actually together, and it didn’t make sense to pretend, and I felt like I was being taken advantage of (which left him feeling rejected and like I was emotionally unavaliable/stringing him along).

    I do love him, and I do miss him, but I know that this is not what’s best for me (because after several ‘incidents,’ I lost my trust in him) and not good for him (because it’s not fair for him to be with someone who can’t really open up to him anymore). I want to tell him that I miss him too. But I feel like that would just send mixed messages, especially knowing that I don’t want to go back there again. And I know that from there it’s inch by inch until we’re acting like we’re together, and then it’s (quote) “well to me, we were together the whole time.” That’s how I feel, though…I miss him. So what should I do? Tell him I miss him too? Or keep my mouth shut?

  • Sriram R:

    well… to make this long story short, we are not allowed to talk to each other anymore due to some static that went down a couple of months after we broke up. anywho, i was fine with the breakup after it happened… but it’s all of a sudden hit me and i miss him like crazy… well one day, one of my friends asked him if he missed talking to me… he didn’t say anything… he just kinda looked away. does that mean he misses me??? and then one day another one of my friends said that he asked how i was doing but that was it… he didn’t like get into detail or anything. and everytime we’re near each other… he gets really loud or he tries to find anyone (particularly a girl) and starts talking to them/flirting and what not… i have a boyfriend now, but i still love my ex…

    i just don’t know how to tell if he misses me as much as i miss him… :/

    and once again… i CANNOT talk to him… so yeah.

    thanks in advance.
    and i know it’s unfair on my current boyfriend… i’ve even told him everything about the way i feel and stuff… he understands… but i know it hurts him… and it hurts me to know that it hurts him… i just don’t know what to do cos i really miss my ex boyfriend…

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x:

    my ex boyfriend wont go out with me anymore because his dad says he will chuck him out if he does at first he was just going to pretend he wasn’t with me but his dad found out about that plan and now he reffuses to go out with me and i don’t want to lose him not now just for the sake of his stupid dad god it feels like bloody real life romeo and juliet :(

  • baldy eire:

    So I moved to another school and visited my friends at school (on Valentine’s day) for a while and saw him again. We said hi but he had to go so we didn’t talk. I dated him 2 years ago and thought I didn’t have any feelings for him anymore but last year I realised that I still do. I texted him to wish him happy valentine’s day and that it was good seeing him again (he replied sorta the same thing and asked me to visit again so that we can talk – just casually). We broke up on good terms and when we did we told each other we still loved each other, and then after that we became best friends (no flirting, etc) but suddenly we drifted apart and we now only talk very very little (I don’t know why though) then shortly after he dated a girl for a few months. Just now I texted him saying I miss him and that I don’t expect him to feel the same way and hope he didn’t get creeped out. He did say he wasn’t creeped out and he thanked me for telling him that (I miss him), and that was it. Is he really over me? What should I do – I still have feelings for him! :(

  • mavis24:

    OK, so i was dating this guy Zach for almost 5 months I loved him and he loved me (so i thought) but then I found out he was cheating on me so i broke up with him in june. We haven’t talked since but last week we started to message each other on youtube. He has the same girlfriend he had when we were dating he hasn’t told her and he doesn’t plain on telling her that he was cheating on her. Well we talk alot on youtube now and we have talked about our relationship and he told me that he did cheat on me during our relationship. I cried when he told me cause i didn’t want it to be true but it was. Last night i cried myself to sleep thinking about him with another girl. I really miss him I’m thinking about sending him this:
    I won’t forget you
    I don’t regret you
    But the hardest thing I’ve had to do is live without you.
    Its part of my favorite song: Julia Sheer – The Hardest Thing.
    One of our last conversations we had when we were dating I sent him the link for Perfect Two by Auburn and I said are we the Perfect Two? and he said Of course baby I love you. The next day we broke up. I really miss him I know if I tell him we wouldn’t be able to get back together </3 I just really miss him. What do I do?

  • borabora5524:

    i was looking at my boyfriend texts (yes i know i shouldnt) and i saw that a few days after he’d split up with his ex to be with me he was saying to his friends he misses his ex girlfriend and thinks he might have made a mistake, this was 2 months ago now and our relationship is really good, he’s told me everything about his ex and break up and constantly reassures me he’s with me because he loves me, but now i feel paranoid again, am i being crazy!

  • Nick:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. Well we recently broke up, because he said hes “confused”. His ex girlfriend “first love”, told him she still loved him and all his feelings came rushing back. I know this because he tells me everything. even if it hurts, he tells me. He said he feels guilty for loving her. He tells me theres a difference he loves her, but is in love with me. I mean she lives in a completely different state, and they only seen each other 3 times with in their 2 years of a relationship. but he loves her, which i understand i do. and him and i still talk everyday like everything is perfect again. i love you. i miss you and such and such. its just confusing…. am i doing the right thing? like being by his side no matter what. until he makes his decision… me or her…i mean we can stay up for 6 hours on the phone still, and see each other everyday. and its okay, i just dont understand. he said he needs to clear his head becaues he doesn’t want to feel guilty for loving her and being with me… i don’t know..
    oh and shes stupid!! we’ve been dealing with this for 2 months. and he broke up with me at first to see what was up with her. and then she was mad at him for breaking up with me and said nothing was ever going to happen between him and her. she wants him wen hes taken basically and when hes avaiable shes a b****!! am i right he needs to get over her.. before anymore him and i…. yes? or do i forget it.. i mean im in love with this guy and been there everytime…for anything

  • Lucas H:

    Him and his ex broke up 2 years ago , after being in a 2 and a half year relationship. We’ve been together almost 2 years. He tells her he loves her and misses her, she says it back. He tells me it’s “not that kind of love.” I’m not super upset or super happy. Just wondering if I should be okay with it. Thanks!
    To clarify, he says this over the internet, and on the phone. I do think he would say it in person though too, but I just want to clarify I’ve never seen him say it in person. Anyways!

  • JDOGG1122:

    I dated this guy for about four months…but after a while…i think he started becoming uninterested…and i got annoyed and fed up with him ignoring or second classing me…so i broke up with him…but after we sorta became friends again…i almost immediately fell in love again…i told him before…but i told him i was getting over him…but i didn’t…how do i tell him i want to have him back again??

  • Tyler H:

    Okay so a few months ago i stopped contacting my boyfriend and decided it was time to call it quits…we were together for a year and a half and even after we broke up we remained friends and we would talk and he’d text me all the time and want to see me…i recently found out that he has a new girlfriend (he didnt tell me) and even though he has a gf he would still try to talk to me….so i told him to stop because its the only way that i can move on since i loved him so much…now that i havent heard from him in 2 months i miss him already…i dont know what to do…has this ever happened to anybody?? they cut contact with an ex to move on but yet they miss them so much?? do you think he misses me?? need advice

  • altair:

    my boyfriend of one year brokeup with me about a month ago… and i still haven’t been able to get over him at all, even though he was very controlling and jealous and would guilt trip me all the time! and i do think about that to make myself feel better for not being with him but it still hurts and i still miss him and i still love him. during our relationship he would get super jealous easily – he would get mad when i would spend time with my roommate, my best friend, my brother, my mom, or his friends and not spend time with him. he was also controlling in this matter and would guilt trip me and make me feel like shit for wanting to hang out with other people. he was also very jealous that i still talked with my high school ex because my jealous ex didn’t have any other past relationships… i was his first. he was also very dependent on me, and if i wasn’t hanging out with him he would make me feel bad because he would tell me he was lonely or didn’t have a girlfriend that cared… god looking at all of this makes me wonder how i stayed with him and how he brokeup with me instead of the other way around…. and it makes me sad that i still have feeling for him! how do i stop this feeling? any advice?

  • Goe122:

    Me and my boyfriend went out for about a year and 3 months then we broke up and have been for about 7 months now and were still friends and hes just the same but not the same and i miss him and no matter how much i have tried to get over him i cant and i love him, though i am scared to tell him this incase he dosnt feel the same or we loose the friendship we have but i can’t hold in how much i love him, what do i do??? help !

  • che-che:

    Me and my ex have been through a lot. We have been out 3 times now.

    1st time – one day – he left me for another girl

    2nd time – he asked me like 20 times before i said yeah. And it lasted for about 1 month. I fell for him, i genuinely am in love with him. But then, he told me he had a crush on another girl… And i dumped him because my dad cheated on my mum and i swore it would never happen to me

    3rd time – lasted a coupe of days. He still liked to other girl and i thought he was gonna dump me so i dumped him first :(

    That was a huge mistake because i do love him and im trying to move on but i can’t.

    Im scared hes going to move on before me and i’ll be left there heartbroken

    One minute he says “i still love you. i miss you” but then the next he says “go out with matt”

    Please help :(

  • Michael:

    I don’t understand what’s been going on with my ex boyfriend. We broke up 3 months ago & I’m already heartbroken enough but what he says and does confuses me. When he discussed the possibility of breaking up he told me that he was going through a depression and that even if he did break up with me, he might end up really missing me and regretting it. We broke up a week after that and eventually he started to cut all contact with me, even though he said we’d be friends. Two months after our breakup I called him and said I loved and missed him bad mistake because he denied we ever did anything special and that he didn’t love me anymore and he wouldn’t want to get back with me. Then a month after *that* I find out he’s already going out with other girls, and I believe he’s now in relationship with some girl in PA. What’s even more confusing is that his sister talked to him and he told me “he told me he loved you post breakup” then “he just doesn’t want to get back with you” then “he doesn’t want to work on things *right now*” then “he needs time, he needs space”. But what would be the point of doing that if he’s told me to move on and get over him? I believe I’m finally done with this guy but do you think he’ll regret it and miss me one day? Honestly one reason he gave people for us breaking up was that my “farts were offensive” like really!

  • hank baseballs:

    After a lot of drama and just plain not working out, my ex and I decided to go our separate ways. I moved out of the country when he moved back home. He’s been sending me messages that he misses me, and we have light conversation, but I haven’t told him I missed him yet either. I haven’t responded to any of his affections at all. I feel terrible about it. But at the same time, I know that you’re sexy becomes I miss you becomes I love you becomes baby this baby that, and then we’re calling every day, and we’re pretending to be in a relationship that doesn’t exist. Because that’s what happened the last time we tried to be friends. It irritated me because it felt like I’d give him an inch and he’d take a mile. I’d say I was uncomfortable with ____ and he’d back off at first and then just inch in from another angle, or guilt trip me (which is part of what broke us up, his being manipulative to get what he wanted at times, although he has been improving lately) and I’d completely bypass his attempts at being extra affectionate because we weren’t actually together, and it didn’t make sense to pretend, and I felt like I was being taken advantage of (which left him feeling rejected and like I was emotionally unavaliable/stringing him along).

    I do love him, and I do miss him, but I know that this is not what’s best for me (because after several ‘incidents,’ I lost my trust in him) and not good for him (because it’s not fair for him to be with someone who can’t really open up to him anymore). I want to tell him that I miss him too. But I feel like that would just send mixed messages, especially knowing that I don’t want to go back there again. And I know that from there it’s inch by inch until we’re acting like we’re together, and then it’s (quote) “well to me, we were together the whole time.” That’s how I feel, though…I miss him. So what should I do? Tell him I miss him too? Or keep my mouth shut?

  • jag43216:

    Okay so my boyfriend broke up with me like end of last year, and I haven’t seen him since and have tried so hard to move on but I really miss him and I still love him. He got a new girlfriend a few months ago who’s younger and a lot prettier and funner then me but she dumped him (yaayyy!!).. I think I should tell him how I feel even if he rejects me but I’m not 100% sure.. I just think I should get this off my chest. But I won’t know how to deal with it if he says he’s over me (which will probably happen).. :( How do I tell him? Any other opinions or advice please let me know!

    Thank you!
    Kaya xx

    P.S we broke up cause i kinda cheated on him hehe
    I didn’t mean the “hehe” as a laugh gosh! It’s just what I always say.

  • Andrew S:

    My boyfriend left his girlfriend to be with me..

    He’s constantly telling me how much he loves me, but he also talks about his ex a lot. He’s admitted that he misses her. But I think it’s more than that and that he’s still in love with her.

    I don’t know what to think..

  • PillowMan1234:

    Today, i was talking to my ex-boyfriend. He still my friend but he got a girlfriend (which i hate, me and her are on the same soccer team) And i told him that i miss when we were together. And that i still love. All he could say is that “wat can i do for u”.

  • ademuth93:

    I apologise in advance for the length.
    I miss my ex boyfriend desperately. He was my first boyfriend so I’d never felt like that about someone before- every waking minute of the day I was thinking about him and how to make him happy, I dare say I was in love because I’m only 18 so I probably wasn’t but what I felt was unreal, he took over my life but in a good way. Then he went on holiday with his friend (we had been together 8 months) and he didn’t call, or text or anything. I didn’t wanna pester him so I sat quietly paranoid at home counting the days til he got back. When he came home he called me I answered so happy to hear his voice but I could hear he wasn’t happy. he broke up with me there and then. Both of us were in tears on the phone but he assured me it was for the best because he said he didn’t love me anymore and I needed someone who did. I was, and still am distraught (its been over a month) and I’m convinced we will get back together but I know we wont. Im fooling myself. I can’t get him off my mind, I’m so unhappy. Sometimes I call him and tell him I miss him and I can’t cope then I just cry and can’t stop and he never gets mad he just calms me down and tells me he still loves me but he’s not in love with me and that I need to move on. But i can’t, I know this must seem so cliche and adolescent and you’ll assure me that in time I will get over it but honestly I am so deeply unhappy. I can’t do anything without thinking about him, I cry almost every night because I know I’ll never have him again. And then I think ‘what if he gets a new gf?’ that would seriously send me over the edge, I think I would rather die then see that and I’m really not trying to be melodramatic. I can’t cope. I need help, I just don’t know who from? Or what to say without being told to ‘grow up’ or being patronised. I just need help..

  • Matthew S:

    After a lot of drama and just plain not working out, my ex and I decided to go our separate ways. I moved out of the country when he moved back home. He’s been sending me messages that he misses me, and we have light conversation, but I haven’t told him I missed him yet either. I haven’t responded to any of his affections at all. I feel terrible about it. But at the same time, I know that you’re sexy becomes I miss you becomes I love you becomes baby this baby that, and then we’re calling every day, and we’re pretending to be in a relationship that doesn’t exist. Because that’s what happened the last time we tried to be friends. It irritated me because it felt like I’d give him an inch and he’d take a mile. I’d say I was uncomfortable with ____ and he’d back off at first and then just inch in from another angle, or guilt trip me (which is part of what broke us up, his being manipulative to get what he wanted at times, although he has been improving lately) and I’d completely bypass his attempts at being extra affectionate because we weren’t actually together, and it didn’t make sense to pretend, and I felt like I was being taken advantage of (which left him feeling rejected and like I was emotionally unavaliable/stringing him along).

    I do love him, and I do miss him, but I know that this is not what’s best for me (because after several ‘incidents,’ I lost my trust in him) and not good for him (because it’s not fair for him to be with someone who can’t really open up to him anymore). I want to tell him that I miss him too. But I feel like that would just send mixed messages, especially knowing that I don’t want to go back there again. And I know that from there it’s inch by inch until we’re acting like we’re together, and then it’s (quote) “well to me, we were together the whole time.” That’s how I feel, though…I miss him. So what should I do? Tell him I miss him too? Or keep my mouth shut?

  • Travoiz:

    My boyfriend has asked me to be honest with him if I ever miss my ex. I was completely and 100% honest with him and told him yes, sometimes…but as a friend since he was there for me through hard times in my life. My boyfriend thinks this means that I do not truly love him since I miss another guy. I know this is NOT true but I don’t know how to explain that to him.
    Sorry about the title—Does missing your ex “as a” friend

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